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Using a combination of psychology, counselling and productivity tips,
we’ll stop you and start you

The mission

Reduce your stress, become more resilient to change and grow happier spaces and people around you.

How am I different? 

Using a combination of psychology, counselling as well as organisation and productivity tips, I will help you figure out the root cause of your challenges so that we can test out solutions that lead to sustainable improvements.

I could give you a tool to tackle procrastination, but if we don’t get to the source of it, you might just procrastinate on that too! Perhaps you struggle with delegating work because you’re learning to trust your colleagues, or you enjoy the rush of leaving things last minute (plans never go to plan so why bother arranging so early right?). I will help you figure out your ‘paradoxes’ so that can you see the value of them, and why you struggle to let them go.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • 3+ years experience in one-to-one emotional support – from counselling to coaching
  • 2 years experience of community health promotion
  • 8+ years experience in data analysis and reporting
  • Level 4 Diploma in Person-Centred Therapeutic Counselling
  • MSc in Health Psychology (Distinction)

From A.R.S.E. to A.C.E. by applying the process

Across six sessions we will consider together what you
Repeat (Re-Evaluate, Re-Engineer, Re-Energise).

I will guide you to evaluate your state in four key areas, to stop feeling A.R.S.E. (Annoyed, Reactive, Stressed and Exhausted). At each session, you will decide what you want to work on. Following each session you will leave with actions to remove obstacles in your way and build momentum in the direction you want. We will continue to determine what is working and what is not by re-evaluating and re-engineering actions.

Methods of evaluation include the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Wheel of Life:

We will continually develop tools and a mindset for you to build on throughout the six sessions, to move you through the A.R.S.E. to A.C.E. (Attentive, Calm and Effective) framework:

The A.R.S.E. to A.C.E. Framework

A Space For…
1 Your Big Picture What are your immediate goals and challenges
What are your big goals, where do you want to be in five to ten years
What paths do you want to build to manage the gap
What do you want to create a space for
2 Annoyed Your perception of control and your expectations
3 Reactive How you manage your big picture priorities and core values
4 Stressed How you manage demands on your attention day-to-day, week-to-week
5 Exhausted Your stress triggers and what is in place to maintain good wellbeing and resilience
6 Becoming A.C.E. Review progress and notice when you’ve been A.C.E
Decide actions to continue momentum
How to re-energise so that you can Keep towards your goals

Target objectives:

  • Demonstrate time management, personal effectiveness and self-awareness tools to highlight what you can do and what you can improve.
  • Identify individual stress triggers, stress responses and ways to manage them better.
  • Outline ways of maintaining wellbeing.

Specific objectives I would develop with you – you know what you need most.

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Get 3 achievable actions to your biggest challenge.


Jen is a very unique coach, to say she is inspirational would be too bland a comment as Jen has a depth and compassion that brings out the best in anyone who is fortunate to be in her presence. Her ability in making every person feel valued and special in whatever coaching environment is taking place, obviously brings great vision and confidence to the person(s) involved. Having spent the past 25 years coaching at various level and been coached by some incredible people, Jen Mak would always be classed as one of the best I’ve worked or have been involved with.

Paul Abraham

Jen is an incredibly good listener, mindful and non-judgemental. She challenged me towards my goals and the coaching sessions we have had had a very positive impact on my productivity and mindset towards to-do-lists, and such in a very short amount of time! Jen provided very helpful time management tools I will keep using for the coming years too!

Lucile Allen-Paisant

Jen helped me to find some easy methods to make better use of my time each week. I am setting up my own business while doing the day job and I can find it hard to pick up where I left off in between work and family priorities. Jen really listened, with no judgment, so I could be open and honest quickly about my frustrations. She got to know what my concerns and problems were, and helped by suggesting useful tools for managing my time. I’ve now got stronger at saying no to some things, because there simply isn’t enough time to do everything ‘now’, but I have also made sure to book in time for family and friends by planning ahead what I want to achieve each week and also working backwards from longer term goals.

Loretta Jones

What is required of you:

  • A commitment to your own potential (I can only work with as much as you put in) - I recommend six weekly 50-minute sessions to begin with to give your life design due attention.
  • Time - At times I will recommend exercises for you to try out to supplement our work together (such as journalling, recording time usage, creative exploration of metaphors regarding habits).
  • Money - £300 for a block of six sessions.
    • Option 1 - One payment, in full before first session - Total £300
    • Option 2 - Two payments, 1st £165 before first session, 2nd £150 by third session - Total £315

Price Comparison:

Specific time management workshops aimed at groups charge £20-50 per hour and can require a whole day's training. Working in focused 50-minutes one-to-one on a weekly basis, I can provide you with specific tools for your difficulties. We can tweak your time management and personal effectiveness in such a way that it isn't overwhelming and you control the pace and what you choose to change.

Costs as publicised online in June 2017 for off-site courses at locally available time management providers:

Company Length of training Max no. of attendees Cost per attendee Cost per attendee per hour
mtraining Full day 6 £342 £49
Revolution Learning Full day Not stated £299 £43
Activia Training Full day Not stated £239 £34
Benchmark Training Full day Not stated £150 £21

*A full day is estimated to be 7 hours long

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