Individual Coaching

Target objectives:

  • Demonstrate time management and self awareness tools to highlight what you can do and what you can improve
  • Identify individual stress triggers, stress responses and ways to manage them better
  • Outline ways of maintaining wellbeing

Specific objectives I would develop with you – you know what you need most.

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Get 3 achievable actions to your biggest challenge.

What is required of you:

  • A commitment to your own potential (I can only work with as much as you put in) – I recommend six weekly 50-minute sessions to begin with to give your life design due attention
  • Time – At times I will recommend exercises for you to try out to supplement our work together (such as journalling, recording time usage, creative exploration of metaphors regarding habits)
  • Money – £50 per coaching session or £270 for a block of 6 sessions (10% discount).

Price Comparison

Specific time management workshops aimed at groups charge £20-50 per hour and can require a whole day’s training. Working in focused 50-minutes one-to-one on a weekly basis, I can provide you with specific tools for your difficulties. We can tweak your time management in such a way that it isn’t overwhelming and you control the pace and what you choose to change.

Costs as publicised online in June 2017 for off-site courses at locally available time management providers:

Company Length of training Max no. of attendees Cost per attendee (inc VAT) Cost per attendee per hour
mtraining Full day 6 £342 £49
Revolution Learning Full day Not stated £299 £43
Activia Training Full day Not stated £239 £34
Benchmark Training Full day Not stated £150 £21

*A full day is estimated to be 7 hours long

A 50-minute session can include such tools and mindset exercises:

  • Wheel of Life
  • How do you spend your time?
  • The Glass Jar
  • Eisenhower Box
  • Stress Bucket
  • Circle of Control
  • 5 Ways To Wellbeing
  • Your Ideal Schedule
  • Elephant, Rider and Path

The Elephant, the Rider and the Path – got to get your emotional and rational selves to work together!