Time Management & Personal Effectiveness Strategies so that you can grow A Space For what’s important to you.
Combining psychology, counselling and productivity tips, we’ll get to the root of your problems, taming your perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome, so that you can be A.C.E. (Attentive, Calm and Effective).

A Space For – Your Big Picture

From A.R.S.E. to A.C.E. by applying the D.A.R.ing process – Find out how you can move from feeling Annoyed, Reactive, Stressed, and Exhausted to feeling Attentive, Calm and Effective so that you can create the life of your choosing.

Jen is an incredibly good listener, mindful and non-judgemental. She challenged me towards my goals and the coaching sessions we have had had a very positive impact on my productivity and mindset towards to-do-lists, and such in a very short amount of time! Jen provided very helpful time management tools I will keep using for the coming years too!

Lucile Allen-Paisant

Jen is a very unique coach, to say she is inspirational would be too bland a comment as Jen has a depth and compassion that brings out the best in anyone who is fortunate to be in her presence. Her ability in making every person feel valued and special in whatever coaching environment is taking place, obviously brings great vision and confidence to the person(s) involved. Having spent the past 25 years coaching at various level and been coached by some incredible people, Jen Mak would always be classed as one of the best I’ve worked or have been involved with.

Paul Abraham

Jen helped me to find some easy methods to make better use of my time each week. I am setting up my own business while doing the day job and I can find it hard to pick up where I left off in between work and family priorities. Jen really listened, with no judgment, so I could be open and honest quickly about my frustrations. She got to know what my concerns and problems were, and helped by suggesting useful tools for managing my time. I’ve now got stronger at saying no to some things, because there simply isn’t enough time to do everything ‘now’, but I have also made sure to book in time for family and friends by planning ahead what I want to achieve each week and also working backwards from longer term goals.

Loretta Jones

A Space For - Courage to Confidence

To coincide with Leeds Wellbeing Week, A Space For has teamed up with PresentationSkills101 to offer this one-off confidence workshop. Through our combined experience of coaching clients we know that the Number 1 issue that people have is feeling a lack of confidence. Register here to find out more.

A Space For - On Searching For Purpose

To hear my story and 11 tips on how to search for your purpose and stick to it:


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