Combining psychology, counselling and productivity tips, we’ll get to the root of your problems, taming your perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome, so that you can grow A Space For what’s important to you.

A Space For – Your Big Picture

From A.R.S.E. to A.C.E. by applying the process – Find out how you can move from feeling Annoyed, Reactive, Stressed, and Exhausted to feeling Attentive, Calm and Effective.

A Space For – Skilling Up Your Work

Monthly How to N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig – partnering with PresentationSkills101, we’ll break down speaking into manageable chunks on Monday 5 February at Platform, Leeds.

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“Positive and enriching”

Eventbrite - How to N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig

A Space For – On Searching For Purpose

To hear my story and 11 tips on how to search for your purpose and stick to it:


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