Combining psychology, counselling and organisation and productivity tips, we’ll get to the root of your problems, taming your perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome, so that you can grow A Space For what’s important to you.

A Space For – Purpose

On searching for purpose – sharing my own story at Hey! on Tues 21 Nov at Belgrave, Leeds.

A Space For – Skilling Up Your Work

How to N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig – partnering with PresentationSkills101, we’ll break down speaking into manageable chunks on Mon 4 Dec at Platform, Leeds.

Check out the video testimonials here. Rated  on average, 100% of attendees would recommend the workshop.

“Positive and enriching”

Eventbrite - How to N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig

A Space For – Sleep!

Ever wonder why… despite regular exercise, cutting coffee and no TV before bed, you are still wide awake at 2am?

It could be your inner critics…the Perfectionist, the People Pleaser, the Imposter.

Want to find out how to tame them…and put those niggling thoughts to bed?

Come find out on Thu 7 Dec at Platform, Leeds.

Rated  on average, 86% of attendees would recommend the workshop.

When asked what they had learnt, previous attendees said:

“How to not worry about things through the night that you can’t do anything about”

“That lots of people are in the same position”

“Positive aspects of things that keep us awake”

Eventbrite - Time For Bed - How to put our inner critics to sleep

A Space For – Our whole self

Using the 5 kosha layers of being as a compass to our time management at Leeds Vegan WinterFest on Sun 26 Nov at Leeds Town Hall.

By looking at our how we take care of our physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and blissful aspects of our self, we can make better use of our time.

Rated  on average, 85% of attendees would recommend the workshop.

“Encouraged me to note down and notice why I’m not actioning things I’ve wanted to work on during the last year – Thank you so much!”

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